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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

By Jelly (edited by Emme)

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  1. The Ranfurly Loop
    11 Feb, 2017
    The Ranfurly Loop
    Mosgiel, Ranfurly, Naseby, Wedderburn, St Bathens, Alexandra and Cromwell
  2. From North to South
    23 Jan, 2017
    From North to South
    towing the ‘Notorious P.I.G.’
  3. The Pub..... The Pub..... The Pub......
    30 Dec, 2016
    Our first week – Stop and smell the roses, the wheels just might fall off…
    Stop and smell the roses, the wheels just might fall off....... We had one more night at Ardmore NZMCA site so we organised our packing a little better to give Emme more room in the co-pilot’s seat. We still had a few items that we really didn’t need, which were taking up valuable space (space and lack of it our new concerns). Before heading off we decided to unload the ‘free to a good home’ items at reception area in the hope that someone else would have use for them. Within minutes we
  4. Stage 3 - Early arrival
    18 Dec, 2016
    Stage 3 - Early arrival
    ​​​Starting at the Mount! At the Mount and ready to go. We made our way to Mount Manganui from Auckland on December 5th to get the finishing touches to our full-time travel plans underway. We passed through Hobbiton and being of a smaller stature I felt right at home. (i'll get the jokes in before you guys... Quinn!)  We dropped off big Jim (our ute, pronounced ‘Jum’. You have to name everything, right?) to get him hitched ready for cougar pulling. We stayed at the Quest apartments for 4
  5. Just me and Alfie
    01 Dec, 2016
    Stage 2.7 - The wait is over, almost!
    I was going to call this week’s blog ‘Stage 2.1 The waiting game! ‘ I’m waiting... Waiting for Emme to finish work; for the hitch to get installed on the Ute; for the 5th Wheel to come into the country and be fitted out. ...........Waiting for fulltime travel to start!   We were supposed to be on our way late December but Sod’s law, our new home on wheels was delayed – fulltime travel had to wait until at least mid January. Insert sad face here. Emme’s last day is Friday, December 2nd. And
  6. Stage 2 - Resignation
    16 Nov, 2016
    Stage 2 - Resignation
    Resignation day Even though we sold our home at the End of September nothing really changed. We lived in the same area and we shopped at the same shops and nothing really changed. We went to work the same route we have taken for the last 6 years and nothing really changed. Until today, today really changed!!!  Today is the point of no return. Today is 3rd October, today .........
  7. House Sold Sold Sold
    19 Oct, 2016
    Stage 1 - Sell, Sell, Sell
    Well that happened quick!    Sell the house, Sell the cars and Sell ........ well pretty much everything we have ever bought, collected or been given. We finally decided were going to do it! We are going to travel!